Burkett Law Office

512 North 13th Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
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Practice Areas

Burkett Law Philosophy

Burkett Law Office is organized as a small law office focused on litigation and handling necessary legal transactions for individuals. Burkett Law's typical client is an individual who needs legal expertise to adequately compete against large institutions and organizations. The purpose of Burkett Law is to provide an attorney with a broad base of experience and reach into the community, but yet use those skills and abilities to represent people who have little or no prior experience engaging complex legal litigation and transactions.


Why A Small Law Office?

A small firm provides clients with more personal contact and access to their attorney, yet at the same time is more efficient by utilizing a broad network within legal and governmental resources to bring together the best litigation team. The ability to bring together this team is facilitated by the experience and networking history of Burkett Law's principal attorney, Mike Burkett. This network includes a local reach within the legal and business community of Boise, as well as across the state of Idaho. The networking is further facilitated by associations with attorneys of special expertise across the United States, particularly in Washington, D.C., all which could be brought to bear and function as part of any necessary legal team, particularly through Internet communications and technology.